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So on Friday night (July 10, 2009) I had the pleasure of Shane Nickerson sitting down with me and co-hosting my Geeky Pleasures show on Party 934. He also co-hosted my Ustream feed which was a double bonus. Needless to say, I had a blast! It was very nice to just geek out about so many different things. I have listened to the interview a few times now and I still have not been able to find words to summarize all that we discussed. Some of the things we talked about were science fiction, gaming, t.v. shows, gadgets, twitter, sexual fantasties and so much more. I am afraid that maybe some parts of the show will not make sense for some listeners as it sounds as if all of a sudden Shane and I start to talk about random things. Some of these random things were as a result of those who decided to log into the Ustream chat, actively participating in our discussion instead of just being voyeurs. Others were because of visual events. An example of something that may not make sense is you will hear me comment on Shane’s t-shirt. (Speaking of Shane and t-shirts, please vote for this t-shirt.) He was wearing this really cool dinosaur t-shirt and unless you were in Ustream, that comment doesn’t make too much sense as it was a result of something visual.

Couple of show notes:

  • Lately, I do not know what it is with technology everytime I do an interview. Technology failed me yet again for this interview. The audio is very choppy at some points. My computer decided that it was going to slow right down as soon as it was time to go live on air. And I am not even going to get into the preshow tech fails plus postshow tech fails that occured during the editing process.
  • The day of the interview I was going over my checklist of must remember to do. I went over it again and again and again. I had this nagging feeling that I was forgetting some important aspect of the show that needed to be done. Show time came and I had chalked it up to just being excited that the night was finally here to geek out with Shane live on air instead of on the phone or by other means (which is beyond cool as well but it was great to share the juicy geeky goodness with others). Half way through the show I realize yes indeed, I did forget an important step. That was to record the Ustream feed. Normally I do not record the Ustream feed. The reason why I wanted to record it this time was because there was a lot of dialogue between Shane and myself when the mic was on stand-by for the on air portion that one could only hear if they were tuned into the Ustream as well. Ah well, maybe next time I will not forget.
  • I had a mental list of things I wanted to bring up during the show. A lot of them flew completely out of my brain when it came down to talk to him live with people eavesdroppoing. This happens quite often in my world. It happens most often when I get to geek out with someone. As I was discussing the show with a friend afterwards, Star Trek came up and I remembered something Shane had told me during one of our conversation prior to the show that had to do with an experience he had with Star Trek. It would have been uber cool to share on air. Hopefully next time, I will not forget to bring that up along with other things I remembered after the fact.

I do not think I could thank Shane enough for his time. Between the busy filming schedule of his latest project for MTV (Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, click here if in Canada) and his family, for him to take out 2 hours on a Friday night to geek out with me live is just so HAWESOME. Oh and Shane, maybe my fetish for Optimus Prime is not all that weird after all. It has been brought to my attention that I am not the only one who thinks of having sex with robots.


Below you will find the interview. I hope you enjoy it even a fraction of how much I enjoyed doing it.


To download, right click save as this link.


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