Mike Lombardo Interview

On Friday, November 27, 2009, I had the awesome pleasures of sitting down with the young and talented geeky musician, Mike Lombardo for an interview for my Geeky Pleasures radio show on Party 934 | 102.5 FM in the Hudson Valley NY. If you missed it (or even if you didn’t) you can listen to the interview here and download it for free.

We discussed a wide variety of topics and I really do not know where to begin with a summary. I am going to remind people once more that my interviews are very informal. I like them to have the feel of two friends sitting down to a cup of coffee and just talking and hopefully the conversation is interesting enough that other people will want to eavesdrop. If you are not interested in something like this, then you will not want to download the interview.

I recorded the Ustream version of it as well so that people can listen to what happened in between mic breaks. However (as seems to be a reoccurring happening during all of my interviews) there was some technical difficulties. In this case, it was buffering issues with Ustream. After having watched it myself, I do admit that it is very difficult to watch with these issues. But I will include it here regardless as some may not care about this these things and appreciate the effort regardless.

So here it is for you to listen to and download (right click, save as).

Total runtime: 1hr 04min 42sec

Total size: 59.2 MB


You are free to share this file with whomever you choose. All that I ask is you let people know where you got it from. I hope you enjoy!

And here is the Ustream.


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