Interview With John Casey, Producer of ‘Love Simple’

On Monday, October 18, 2010, I sat down for an interview with the Public/ Media Relations Person and Producer of Love Simple, John Casey.

Aside from John’s role in this film, topics we discussed include: the new distribution deal and latest fundraising efforts surrounding this film, how working on Love Simple and working with the Lupus community has affected John, general Lupus awareness and strides made within the last year, hopes and dreams for the future of Lupus and the film, among a few other things.

Since  beginning to work with John and Mark von Sternberg (Writer/ Director) in preparation for the interview I did with female lead, Patrizia Hernandez, it has been a real pleasure. I look forward to continuing to work with every one behind Love Simple for the many months to come.

Below you will find show notes, download link, streaming audio and links to where you can pre-order Love Simple on DVD. If you are viewing this in an RSS reader, you will need to visit the site to stream the audio.

john-casey-headshotShow Notes:

  • Once again, there is noise that I could not clean up in this interview. I used a new program to record the interview, which, foolishly, I did not test out before the interview. I tried my best to clean up as much of the noise as possible. If you do not listen with headphones, it is bearable.
  • I made mention of having a “toaster moment” during this interview. If you do not know what this means, I invite you to read my article for October’s issue of The Lupus Magazine, entitled The Lupus Safeword.
  • The interview is 41 min and 08 seconds long.
  • The size is 37.67 MB.
  • The format is MP3
  • Right click, save as this link to download.

You can pre-order the DVD of Love Simple on,, and 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Lupus Research Institute. If you live in Canada or the USA, you can download Love Simple from iTunes. 10% of those proceeds are donated to the SLE Lupus Foundation in New York and Los Angeles. Follow Love Simple on Twitter @lovesimplemovie. Become a fan on Facebook here.


About John Casey
John Casey is a producer for the film “Love Simple” (2009) directed by Mark von Sternberg, which recently signed an international DVD distribution deal in Hollywood. In addition, John is also currently a producer on the film “Asylum Seekers” (2009) directed by Rania Ajami, which is currently distributed in six countries around the world.

John is also a public and media relations professional with over 20 years of experience. John is the founder of Magic Star Enterprises (MSE), a public relations, marketing and management company established in 2009 that handles an array of consumer, entertainment, technology, and cause marketing accounts. In addition, John is the founder and director of freshfluff: spread good stuff, a social media PR agency, and director of U.S. operations for Trufflenet, a digital intelligence and online strategy service based in the UK.

Previously, John was a consultant and then Director of Public Relations for Toys “R” Us, Inc., Director of PR and Media Relations for Sears and Kmart (Sears Holdings Corporation), Director of Three Heads Public Relations, a mid-sized Manhattan PR firm, Business-to-Business Account Supervisor at Porter-Novelli and Ruder-Finn, two of Manhattan’s largest PR firms. John began his career as a Press Secretary for six years with a Pennsylvania Congressman.

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