Sabrina Furminger Interview

On Friday, October 21, 2011, I had the giddy pleasure of having Sabrina Furminger (@sabrinarmf) as a guest on the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show at The Look 24/7 (@TheLook247).

One of the reasons why I was so extremely giddy to have her on my show is because she is a fellow Canuck. Not only is she a fellow Canuck, but she was the first Canadian, aside from me, on my show. But there is more! In Canadian terms, she is my neighbour! Plus she is extremely talented, a huge nerd and geek, plus she is also a mum.

Without further ado, the show notes.

Headshot by Peter Eastwood
  • Things we discussed during the interview include: Sabrina’s Background; Her book The Healer; Meeting William Shatner and the man who is; Being a Canadian fan; Growing up a sci-fi nerd geek and bullying; Raising the next generation of geeks and nerds; Being a geek and a nerd today; Living in the future and taking chances; People we’d like to have a drink and a chat with; Star Trek; Things Sabrina is currently geeking-out over; Rediscovering the world through your child’s eyes.
  • There is some NSFW language.
  • At the beginning of the interview, you’ll hear the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show theme song by Chris Cogott (@chriscogott)
  • The length of the interview is 2 hours 5 minutes 27 seconds
  • The size is 114 MB
  • The format is mp3, 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo
  • To download the interview, right click save as this link.

Alternatively, you can stream it below. If you are viewing this in an RSS reader, you may need to visit the site in order to stream it.




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  1. […] -On October 21, I appeared on the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show (GPRS) on The Look 24/7. My conversation with GPRS host Jules Sherred lasted more than two hours. While I’m no stranger to radio interviews, this contained a slew of firsts for me: the first time I rocked a beer on-air; the first time I tossed out a fistful of curse words (ah, the joy of unregulated internet radio!); the first time I discussed my continuing journey in geekdom with the world at large. Jules is so easy to talk to that I truly believe we could have chatted for a couple of hours more. You can find the full interview here. […]

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