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Alec Peters Star Trek: Axanar Interview



Yesterday, I sat down with Alec Peters, the writer/producer/actor of Star Trek: Axanar to briefly discuss this upcoming independent Star Trek film.

The conversation is available below for your downloading and listening pleasure. But first, the show notes:

  • Things we discussed include: The idea for Star Trek: Axanar, the actors, the Kickstarter campaign and what’s next, Star Trek canon, fan film in general and licensing, the pre-production process, how people can still contribute (more details below), and more.
  • The length of the interview is 46 minutes 37 seconds.
  • The size is 42.6 MB
  • The format is mp3, 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo
  • To download the interview, right click save as this link.

Alternatively, you can stream it below. If you are viewing this in an RSS reader, you may need to visit the site in order to stream it.

If you have yet to watch the Prelude To Axanar, you can do so below.

If you would still like to contribute to Star Trek: Axanar the film, it’s not too late to do so. More information can be found on the Star Trek: Axanar website. Or, simply send an email to donate@startrekaxanar.com in the amount of the corresponding Kickstarter pledge levels, and include in the message which perks you’d like to receive.

Finally, don’t forget to add Star Trek: Axanar on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @StarTrekAxanar. There is also a Star Trek: Axanar group on Facebook.




Two Tribes Interview

On Tuesday, May 22, 2012, I sat down to have a conversation with Courtney Fortune and Alex Nahai who comprise former featured independent band Two Tribes (@TwoTribesMusic). The interview aired during the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show at The Look 24/7 (@TheLook247) on May 25, 2012. I had a lot of fun talking with them. If you missedContinue Reading

Runic Games Torchlight Interview

On Friday, October 30 2009, the developers of Torchlight (Max Schaefer and Travis Baldree) from Runic Games sat down with me for an interview for my Geeky Pleasures radio show on Party 934 | 102.5 FM Hudson Valley NY. We talked about game play, the development of the game, what free extras players of theContinue Reading

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